The mission of Sussex Christian School is to prepare young people to live fully for God in a rapidly changing world, with the ability to understand, evaluate, and transform their world from the foundation of God’s unchanging Word.

Challenging the Mind, Strengthening the Spirit


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Tuition Information

Christian education is an investment in the lives of children with a payoff much greater than the cost.  We realize the sacrifices parents make to send their children to a Christian school and strive to keep expenses down in order for Christian education to be more affordable for all families.  Tuition rates reflect a sliding scale, or lower fee, for each child per family enrolled at SCS.  Payments may be made on an annual, quarterly, 10-month, or 12-month basis.  There are no additional registration, lab or textbooks fees.  


2019-2020 School Year Tuition

Pre-K- 2 half days (3-year-old children only):   $1,545

Pre-K-3 half days:                                             $2,340

Pre-K full day:                                                  $4,680

1 Child in grades K-8:                                       $7,950

2 Children in grades K-8:                                 $12,950

3 Children in grades K-8:                                 $16,988

4 Children in grades K-8:                                 $19,988

 In addition, we offer several ways for families to reduce their tuition costs.  These programs include:


Tuition Assistance - Sussex Christian School is blessed with a generational support structure who is invested in the young people of the next generation.  They are eager to see your children raised to be disciples and live fully for Christ.  This generational support structure is blessed when you choose to partner with them and invest in your children.  No student at SCS pays the full cost of education thanks to our incredibly generous community.  Tuition Assistance is an extra measure that allows families to apply for reduced tuition that is right for their financial situation. 

T.R.I.P. (Tuition Reduction Incentive Program) - TRIP is a valuable program.  SCS families are able to purchase gift cards at face value; however, SCS is able to buy these cards at a discount.  The proceeds are shared between the tuition for the SCS family and OEL.  While the phrase, "Every little bit counts" may sound trite, dedicated TRIP users can save thousands of dollars off of tuition.  TRIP is not only for currently enrolled families.  Future SCS families or even families without children but planning for the future can start today!

 Volunteer Tuition Credits - We invite every family to join in and work along side us.  Nothing builds community quite like working side by side towards a common goal.  SCS will reduce your tuition ever hour you volunteer for the first 30 hours.

Should you have any question regarding any of these programs, please contact the Office.  They will be happy to help you get started in any or all of these programs.