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Christ-Centered Education for the Modern Student 

Expanding our Ability to Prepare our Young People



Integrated Objectives

Modernizing our 

Modernizing our Educational Pedagogy

We will be incorporating the best practices for collaborative learning, communicative abilities, STEM integration, homework, mission focused education, and investing into modern Christ-centered curricula.  Our students will be given the space to succeed to the highest standards in accordance with their God-given talents and the tools to build each other up as a community.

Transforming our

Transforming our Classrooms and Facilities

Generations of supporters have joined together in faith to build addition after addition at the SCS campus.  It is our commitment now to utilize this space to offer our young people the greatest chance for success.  Through the expansion of air-conditioned rooms, revitalization of our classroom design in accordance with best practices, creation of Occupational Therapy friendly spaces, and optimal lighting, we will achieve a state-of-the-art learning environment. 

and Facilities
Elevating our

Elevating our Marketing Capabilities

SCS believes that every human being is made whole by having a relationship with Jesus Christ, and in turn, every child can reach their fullest potential with Christ-centered education.  SCS will not rest until every Bible-believing family from Sparta to Westtown, from Oak Ridge to Port Jervis, from Vernon to Milford knows the difference an SCS education can make.  Building on our incredibly passionate community, our Renew SCS campaign will provide for the implementation of a new modern logo, the launching of a new, modern and user-friendly website, and hiring a Director of Enrollment Management to be a constant and consistent ambassador of the school, guiding new and existing families to engage in our community. 

Sustaining Long-Term

Sustaining Long-Term Financial Viability

SCS remains committed to serve Sussex County and its neighbors to build God’s kingdom here on earth.  We believe in providing Christ-centered education for God-fearing families of all income levels.  Through the Renew SCS campaign, we will bolster the tuition assistance offerings and establish a foundation to provide long-term financial stability.

Creating a Lasting

Creating a Lasting Spiritual Community

Transformation of the world from the foundation of God’s unchanging Word works best when we are in complete partnership with families and churches.  The Lord’s blessings abound when we are in community with His people.  SCS is committed to use the investments received to build up relationships with area churches, and discover and develop service missions to work together for God’s glory. 


Get involved

The Renew SCS Campaign is the boldest campaign ever for Sussex Christian School. Through our generous community stakeholders, we aim to provide the resources to achieve these objectives. Whether you have children in school or not, we are praying you will make an investment in the next generation of Christian students.

Gifts of all sizes are graciously accepted and can be made as a one-time donation or as pledges for a five-year period. We encourage five year pledges to allow for the long-term planning implementing these objectives. To inquire about giving opportunities, please contact, Miles Kuperus Jr. at 201.522.2861, or Kenneth Jeltema at 973.557.0938. 


We also accept donations online through our giving portal here


We know that it takes a community to raise a child. Will you be there for this generation?

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