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Welcome, Roxanne Tango

SCS New Middle School Math Teacher, Roxanne Tango

Tell us about yourself.

I am married to Ed Tango and have three kids: Justin 22, Liberty 17, and Charlie 11. We live in Jefferson and worship at Milton United Methodist Church. 

Tell us the story about how God brought you to work at SCS.

I came to SCS back in 2007, as I was finishing my teaching courses at College of St. Elizabeth. Teaching is my second  career after working in the field of accounting for many years. When I was first here at SCS, I taught math and science for grade 6 through 8. My time here was special to me and I am excited to be welcomed back to teach Math again. 

What is your favorite part about teaching?

My favorite part of teaching is enjoying when the students master a topic and are proud of themselves. 

What do you look forward to teaching as you begin your career at SCS?

I am looking forward to many things in the new school year. Getting to know the students, their families, and all the teachers that are new to me is foremost. I also look forward to the content and getting the students excited about my favorite subject, math. I would like them to realize the importance of math in everyday life, (cooking, measurements, budgeting), as well as in so many future career choices. 


Why Sussex Christian School?

I am thrilled and grateful for this opportunity and look forward to a terrific school year. I am lucky to have experienced SCS before and the wonderful community of families involved here. Everyone's commitment to student learning and achievement, as well as the development of each student's faith and values is a blessing.  Thanks!!!

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