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Welcome, Emily Kuperus!

As the temporary gym teacher at Sussex Christian School, Emily Kuperus plans to provide her students with more than an understanding of the rules of soccer. She is thrilled to foster genuine relationships with budding athletes. We are so excited to welcome her to the community!

Ms. Kuperus is currently studying at Centenary University, and will graduate with a K-6 certification. Additionally, she plans to obtain her preschool certificate and middle school math and history endorsements. During her studies, she has enjoyed seeing how teachers bring unique creativity to their classrooms, and loves doing the same in her classes.

It’s clear that Ms. Kuperus’ position at SCS is more than just coincidence. Seeking more experience, she approached the school to be added to the list of substitutes for the fall. Mr. Waters expressed the need for a gym teacher Tuesdays and Fridays, who would fill in for maternity leave. “Those are the only two days that I do not have class this semester,” she explains. “So, I can continue my education this semester, while also working as a teacher at SCS.”

This is not Ms. Kuperus’ first time in the halls of our school. Her desire to grow teacher-student relationships began when she was a SCS student herself.

“My teachers at SCS really are what made me into the person I am today,” Ms. Kuperus recalls. “I was able to always talk to my teachers about everything that was going on in my life, and I knew they were always listening. I want to provide my students with those same relationships.”

Above all, Ms. Kuperus holds Christian education near to her heart. “Learning about the Bible throughout my elementary education is something I will cherish forever,” she says. “I did not have a Bible class in high school, so it made me appreciate my early Christian education even more.”

“Christian education means providing these children with something so much greater than what they would get in a public school. It means giving them the opportunity to accept Christ into their life at such a young age.”

Ms. Kuperus, welcome back to the SCS community! We pray for a year of safety and fulfilling relationships.

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