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  • Jonathan Kuperus

Sussex Christian School Stallions and their New Logo

Updated: May 14, 2019

Sussex Christian School is providing a quality, Christian education to students from Sussex County and its neighbors. For over 60 years, our community has dedicated itself to preparing young people to live fully for God in a rapidly changing world, with the ability to understand, evaluate, and transform their world from the foundation of God's unchanging Word. We covet to see how Christ will bless this next generation and are excited to pursue this future with a renewed spirit.

As technology shifts, so does our marketing needs. Sussex Christian School needs a modern, clear, and simple logo, usable across all platforms, incorporating our mascot, while remaining true to our purpose and heritage.

This logo is our humble attempt to depict these foundational truths in a modern, clear, and simple way. It is a versatile logo that looks great in both color, and black and white. It is a clear logo, both distinguishable and recognizable at a distance, and looks great on modern devices

The Circle is representative of our world. God has chosen to reveal himself to us through our discovery of his creation, the universe, the earth, our natural surroundings, and human emotion and interactions. At Sussex Christian School, we strive to teach the next generation to see this rapidly changing world as God intended us to, with awe for His glory.

Within this creation, He has sent his Son to die for us on the Cross to heal us from our fallen nature. It is from this worldview that SCS pledges to raise the next generation. But we cannot do it alone, nor were we created to.

The Lord has designed us to bind together in community with each other and with Him, just as He exists within community, the Trinity. The Father, the Son, the Holy Spirit are signified in the three bands of the cross. These three bands also represent the legs of the stool to help our children grow firmly in their faith. It is through the communal effort of the Christian Church, the Christian Family, and the Christian School that we give our young people the best chance to life fully for Christ. Our path is not always straight or without crossroads, but if we keep our eye on the cross, we can fully experience a unified community with each other and Christ.

The Sussex Christian School Stallions wear this cross, and everything it represents, with pride. Our stallion is depicted as God calls us to be, standing tall, but with humble hearts, graciously accepting his love with a servant attitude. The Sussex Christian School Stallions are called to be disciples and a light to this world. To that end, and with the Lord's blessing, we challenge our young people's minds; we strengthen our young people's spirits; we train them in the way they should go, so that when they get old, they will not depart from it.

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