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Trail in Woods
Outdoor Learning Center

SCS has expanded upon the traditional exploration of God’s world with our every-growing Outdoor Learning Center. Sussex Christian School’s OLC provides exciting educational opportunities to all students through unique educational programs focused on hands-on science, the natural environment, and local history. Students will learn important lessons and values in leadership in a versatile outdoor setting. Outdoor learning provides positive benefits to students’ social, physical, and mental health. Our outdoor classrooms, gardens, and walking paths serve to encourage the development of our students’ sense of community, personal responsibility, all while allowing them to respect and enjoy God’s creation.  


Teachers are trained in various learning methodologies and protocols to integrate outdoor education into practice. We offer traditional learning spaces as well as alternative instructional spaces that teachers may implement a variety of teaching and learning styles to reach all types of learners while they grow in knowledge and faith. Take a drive-through tour of our campus and visit the OLC on the hill or schedule a full-school tour and get to walk through the Outdoor Learning Center!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  What are the various learning areas and how do they relate to the educational process?

A:  The Outdoor Learning Center has workspaces with picnic tables, whiteboards, and outdoor seating for traditional instruction in the areas of reading, writing, math, science and other content areas.

Additional learning spaces include the School Garden, the Greenhouse, the Butterfly Gardens, the Walking Trail, and other natural growing spaces, which are a part of the school's science and STEM curricula and learning objectives.

Q:  What types of plants are grown in the Outdoor Learning Center?

A:  Different classes take on different growing projects throughout the year based on varying curricula.  Some plants previously grown are beans, peas, strawberries, potatoes and pumpkins.

Q:  What are the security protocols in place for the Outdoor Learning Center?

A:  Teachers and staff members are trained on the various drills and emergency procedures and how they relate to the OLC.  The Administration, in conjunction with the State Police, have put into place safety protocols to ensure an incredible, safe learning environment.

Q:  What types of clothing are students expected to wear for outdoor learning?

A:  Teachers communicate with parents regarding OLC activities in the non-traditional instructional areas so that students may wear jeans, boots, gardening gloves, and other appropriate clothing.  Parents and students can expect to spend time outdoors everyday between outdoor learning and recess time and should bring weather appropriate clothing for rain, snow, wind and sunny days!


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