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Our Beliefs

SCS dedicates itself to training  young people to be faithful citizens of Christ’s Kingdom.

Our Core

The Bible

 We believe that God reveals Himself by His Holy Word and through it, renews man’s understanding of God, mankind and the world. The Scriptures guide man in all his relationships and activities and therefore also applies in the education of His children.


We believe that children must come to learn that the world and man’s calling in it can rightly be understood only in their relationship to the Triune God who by His creation, restoration and governance directs all things until the coming of His kingdom and the glorification of His name.


We believe that man’s sin causes all sorts of distortions in reality because it brought upon us the curse of God and thus alienates us from our Maker, our neighbor, and the world. Sin distorts our understanding of the true meaning and purpose of life and thus misdirects human culture, including education.

Jesus Christ

We believe that there is renewal of all areas of life through Jesus Christ because He is the Redeemer, the Light and the Way. Only through His Spirit are we guided in truth and recommitted to our original calling.

Our School

 We believe that the purpose of Christian schools is to educate children for a life of obedience to their calling as image bearers of God. This calling is to know God’s Word and Creation, to consecrate the whole of life to God, love our neighbor, and be Christian stewards in our tasks.

Educational Freedom

We believe that Christian schools, organized and administered with legitimate standards and provisions for day schools, should be fully recognized in society to be free and to function according to the above principles.


We believe that the primary responsibility for education rests upon parents to whom God has entrusted the children and that Christian parents should accept this obligation in view of the covenantal relationship which God has established with believers and their children. They should seek to discharge this obligation to support the teachers in this task.


We believe that Christian teachers, both in obedience to God and in cooperation with parents, have unique teaching responsibility in the education of the children in the school. The Christian community has an obligation to support the teachers in this task.


We believe that Christian schools must take into account the variety of abilities, needs and skills of young people while recognizing their inadequacies as sinners. This requires that learning goals and curricula be selected that will best prepare them to live as obedient Christians and that only with constant attention to such instructional concerns will the education here be truly Christian.

Our Community's Responsiblity

We believe that God’s covenant embraces not only parents and their children but the whole Christian community to which they belong. Because Christian education contributes directly to the advancement of God’s Kingdom, it is the obligation of the community to aid parents in the establishment and maintenance of such schools. This means praying for, working for, and giving generously for their support.

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