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Our Community

Here at Sussex Christian School, we consider each parent, child, grandparent, alumni and supporter of our school part of our family. 


We come together to help the school, its families, and members of the community in fellowship, praise, and need. 


Children learn first-hand what it means to live in the image of Christ when they witness others taking part in supporting the school and our students. 


Parent participation is strongly encouraged at SCS, and it is one of the key reasons for the long-term success of our school.  Parents are encouraged to get involved whenever possible.


Ora et Labora

Ora et Labora (OEL), which is Latin for "pray and work", is a strong-arm of the school that provides exciting opportunities for community builders to gather for fellowship and a time of prayer for our school.  They also plan and carry out fundraising activities.  The largest fundraiser and biggest community building event is the Fall Festival.




The Education Committee consider all matters relative to the educational program and policies of the school and make recommendations.  They investigate the qualifications of candidates for administrative and teaching positions and keep informed in regard to the scholastic quality and Christian character of the instruction given, the courses of study, discipline, and equipment.  They are responsible for the activities of the library and the volunteer librarians.



The Athletic Committee ensures the physical development and skills of our student athletes are demonstrated with Christian sportsmanship and teamwork.  They monitor facilities for the athletic needs, provide volunteers for the coaching positions, schedule the athletic programs, and coordinate with the administration for proper medical qualifications for participating students.



The Finance Committee provides the financial resources necessary for superior Christian education, at a tuition rate which is affordable to a wide spectrum of income levels in the Christian community.  They recommend the budget, recommend the manner in which the school is to be maintained financially, recommend how to work with the payment of parents who are financially unable to pay the required tuition, review the financial statements, and review requests for tuition assistance.

Public Relations


The Public Relations Committee fosters a positive relationship with the School and our community.  They are responsible for all of the SCS advertising related to enrollment, yearly communication and promotions with sending churches, and communications promoting SCS with media outlets.

Buildings and Grounds


The Building and Grounds Committee provides God glorifying facilities that will be used to further the spiritual, academic, and physical fitness of our students in an efficient and affordable manner.  They concern themselves with all phases of the proper care, maintenance and adequacy of the physical environment of the school, and make recommendations concerning these matters.  They monitor school cleanings, insurance policies for facilities and grounds, prioritize capital improvements, and assure the schools equipment is safe and meets governmental standards and operating efficiently.




The Spiritual Development Committee prepares students to live fully for God.  They evaluate and improve the chapel program, partner with families and churches to help build strong spiritual foundations, evaluate community service requirements for students, and increase partnership with Christian Schools.




The Inclusion Committee promotes the understanding that each child is made in the image of Christ.  It ensures that people and programs are in place for all children whose parents desire a Christian education for them.  The children including typically developing and those experiencing social, physical or intellectual challenges and disabilities.  It ensures each student is included each one into the fabric of the school.  The Inclusion Fundraising Committee achieves these goals by fundraising and advocacy.

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