OEL Bake Sale &

RADA Cutlery Fundraiser

We were disappointed we could not hold our annual Fall Festival this year!  Our Country Store was always a big hit, and we know many of you missed visiting it! 


OEL has come up with a great fundraiser to bring you some of of the most popular items available for purchase there through a Preorder Bake Sale and RADA Cutlery fundraiser!  Both sales run now through Friday, November 6, 2020. 


Bake sale items include Apple Pies, Butter Letter, Pumpkin Coffee Cake, Almond Crumb Bars, and Homemade Vanilla!  

Below is the list of items available through the Bake Sale. If you would like to purchase anything, please click this link to access the Order Form. 



In addition to the Bake Sale, OEL is also selling RADA Cutlery.  If you would like to view their catalog and/or make a purchase, please visit:  https://radafundraising.com/?rfsn=4727606.115b16

Orders will ship in 7 to 9 days.  Sale ends Friday, November 6, 2020.



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