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 At Sussex Christian School, we pledge to provide a high quality, educational environment with passionate Christian mentors to foster our young people's ability to understand, evaluate, and transform this world for Christ.  At SCS, we are focused on developing our students' knowledge and understanding of today's world.  Our teachers subscribe to and practice a servant-based leadership philosophy and are committed to prepare students to respond to their current and future environments in a Christ-like way.

At SCS, we allow our students to academically experience His kingdom from an educational setting tailored to their individual needs.  This includes appropriate  classroom activities to augment the traditional educational pedagogues, STEM integration (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics) throughout the elementary and middle school grades, field trips that immerse our young people in the education experience, and service projects to help train Christ's disciples.

By challenging the minds of our young people, we will be preparing them with the foundation knowledge necessary to continue their educational pursuits, ultimately allowing them to respond to God's calling to the best of their abilities.

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